Sports and fitness
have always been my passion. In my personal training studio, I have turned it into a profession.
Lyonel Hyer, Licensed Personal Trainer

Stability, Agility and Balance

Having played competitive sports at a high level I know these are the keys to success. But they also work well for recreational athletes and are ideal for anyone looking to improve their physical health or discovering fitness for the first time.

Training with Focus

Each session builds on the client’s current fitness level with an eye to their personal goals, an approach that makes the time spent at hy_performance so effective. Muscular imbalances are addressed, muscular pain is minimized and clients learn emphasizing injury prevention (prophylaxis) through our efficient custom exercise programs.

You can see a picture during a training session.

"My back pain wouldn't let me sit or lie comfortably. I was at a loss and desperate. By strengthening my spine and core in training with Lyonel, I have now been pain-free for more than three years! However, I’ve learned that I must keep it up. Even when I'm on vacation, the pain comes back after 14 days at the latest. It's good that Lyonel also trains with me online!"

"When I was a student, I joined of a gym. But really, I never knew what to do there. And everyone was always looking! It wasn't until Lyonel taught me the basic exercises that I felt comfortable. After taking ten classes with him twice, I now know what to do in the gym - I feel safe and I have fun. Thank you, Lyonel."

"After my cancer treatment, my body was very worn out. I couldn't imagine working out at all. Lyonel very gently started working with me to rebuild my strength. Today, I work out with him three times a week. I am his most loyal customer! Even my doctors say regular exercise is the best safeguard against a relapse."

"Until I was 50, I got virtually no exercise. My job didn't allow the time for it. Then my business partner had a heart attack. It couldn't have been more obvious. By luck, I found Lyonel. Now after 12 years I am fitter than ever and exercise every week. Honestly, I still don't like it, but Lyonel can motivate me enough that I keep going."

"After I tore my ACL, I had trouble calling up the physical strength I need on the soccer field. With Lyonel’s help, I not only surmounted my injury but also trained my other muscle groups and got much stronger on the pitch. Now I'm playing even better than before!"

You can see a picture of the training studio.

Fitness Made Easy

My training studio is the ideal setting for high-quality personal attention. It is well equipped and comfortable. Our training approach is systematic and clear. We start with the Personal Check-Up to assess the client’s base line fitness and use three follow up sessions to develop a tailored routine. We then offer a Training Card 10 plus 1, eleven sessions to build strength and endurance and to enhance the three keys to success: stability, agility, and balance.

Extensive Experience

My approach to training is based on my years of experience in competitive soccer. I have built on my knowledge by acquiring professional licenses - Fitness Trainer A and B, Personal Trainer B, and Medical Fitness Trainer. Thanks to this knowledge and my practice in personal training, I can tailor exercises and programs to fit each client.

Picture of the Personal Trainer
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